Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy people, what is going to be our second skin has arrived

Visa adventure

Hi folks ,
As you know is not that easy to get Visa for the US and even more difficult if you need one for a long period of time, over 6 months, as the one we need and on the top of that multi-entrance because we need to go out to cross Canada and then back to US to head down to Mexico. So Marta and me were pretty worries about not getting it that would be a disaster for the project perhaps the end of it.
So Marta went to the web looked for the cheapest way to go to London because is the only place to get it in the UK mainlands, MEGABUS just 28 pounds return uhmmm very cheap price for 18 hours sitting on a very spacious bus ;) So we went for that one it was Wednesday at 10.30 pm when we took a sit in this bus fully loaded of hopes and fears about our Visas. The morning after we arrived to London first time for me(don´´t like big cities) and the 3rd time for Marta so the little angel was showing me around the big city in the mine time we were waitnig for our Visa appointment at the US Embassy, and I have to say that we enjoyed a lot our walk around but always the Visa nerves were with us deep in our tommies. The time to go to the Embassy was there time to face our fears, to bring our best smile to the Visa officer. We were just in front of this building full of cameras shutting at us people on uniforms carrying big ugly weapons to protect our officer to be killed before he or she gives us our Visa jiji
So we tried to so inside but I was carrying my bike light on the bag pack and the officer at the door told me that with this I cant get in(it can be the trigger for a big bomb) so I ran to the garden next to to hide my bomb(bike light) as a good terrorist ;) and run back to the entrance where Marta was waiting for me. We are inside now is when the serious thing starts VISA. Just when we arrived to this room full of people with Poker´´s faces I believe not worst than the one we had. The desk number 8 was the one we were called to go, this girl asked us for our passports and send us back to our sits to wait to be called again, so back to the poker´´s faces reunion. We were there for sometime, or perhaps more than sometimes when you are nervous the time seems to walk with crutches.But finally the turtle arrived to the finishing line. The speaker shout our number loudly, we took a deep breath and we walked to toward the desk number 24 and she was there this official with poker face she asked us few questions Marta and me we answered them as calm as we could about our plans, finance,... The official face got brightened and she looked at us when we told her about our cycling project she liked us and with a smile wish us luck approving our Visa petition. Eh!!! We got it!!! we got it!!! Marta and me we looked at each other I could see our happiness coming out of each cell of our bodies trying to control our emotion we told thanks to our Visa-Angel and we walk back to the London´´s streets London seemed to be brighter, jiji The next thing is how long the Visa is going to be for? for that we needed to wait a week till the US embassy sent our passports with the precious Visa stick on them.
After all this nervous we realized that we were very hungry so we went to celebrate our Visa present with a nice lunch at the Piccadilly Scuare Uhmm it was sunny it was lovely.
The passports they arrived a week or so after this beautiful lunch in London it was at Marta´´s place were this guy came with an envelop full of mystery, how long???
Marta opened her passport she looked at it and her face started to shined even more that it does normally and the words were running out of her mouth building up a number and 2 words 10 YEARS VISA!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Someone said ...

“Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be...Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before.” Erich Fromm

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our youngest follower/nuestra seguidora mas joven

Hi folk,
Our 50 followers is just two months old her name is Iona Carralero so little and has started to dream about cycling. Surprises like that make our day
Thanks Iona

Hola gente,
Se nos ha unido una nueva seguidora con tan solo dos meses de edad, sorpresitas como estas te dan fuerza para seguir luchando por nuestro sueño
Gracias pequeñita