Marta's final statistics
24314 km by bike
722 days (394 days in the saddle and 328 on the sofa;))
12 countries
57.7 km on average a day (max distance a day 120.3 km)
14.9 km/h on average a day (max average speed a day 21.6 km)
3:55 hrs of cycling on average a day (the longest cycling day 6:48 hrs)

4 flat tires - truly true! :) (first one after 1305 km in Nizanda, Mexico)
3 chains changed (roughly every 8000 km)
3 cassettes changed
6 tires (including some faulty ones and and an upgrate for dirt roads)
3 broken spokes

4710m asl - the highest elevation reached by bike, Peru (by foot around 5000m asl in Bolivia)
0m asl - the lowest elevation reached by bike (by foot -86m bsl in Death Valley)
2025m the greatest altitude gain in one day (Mexico, Chiapa de Corzo to San Cristobal)
2675m the greatest altitude loss in one day (Mexico, San Jose to Pochutla, Oaxaca)
42 km the longest continuous uphill ride (Mexico, Chiapa de Corzo to San Cristobal)
53 km the longest continuous downhill ride (Peru, Corona del Inca to Huanuco)
60 km the longest straight ride (Alaska, past Delta Junction)
144 km the longest flat ride (Uyuni Salt Flats)

+49C the highest temperature ever recorded by me speedometer while cycling
-2C the lowest temperature ever recorded by my speedometer while cycling



  1. Lovely, thanks! And how many showers per week in average? :)
    Stéphane B.

  2. on average I'd say 3 :)