Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wow! Peru is huge! We haven't started cycling South yet and we've already done close to 800km in a bit more than 2 weeks. After crossing the border we headed East as we decided we want to see Amazon Jungle.  The only highlight of this ride was the stopover in Chachapoyas, where we met our friend, Daniel and went to see ruins of Kulap, very interesting pre-Incan culture. The rest of the ride was just the way to the Jungle; we were afraid of heat and mosquitoes, but luckily neither of these was an issue.
So here we are - in Yurimaguas, still at the same latitude as 2 weeks ago, the road has ended and the only way to go from here any further is to take a boat. And that's our plan! We'll cruise along Amazon River for 3-4 day, arrive to Iquitos, a city the size of Edinburgh that is not connected by land with the rest of the country (which makes it the biggest city in the world that is not connected by land) and come back to finally make our way South!