Friday, November 18, 2011

On the way back to our bikes

It’s been over a month since we last pedal, seems so long ago…and it was very unlucky day; we were in a hurry to meet up with someone and Raul got a flat tire – twice! Bad luck seems to come in package…we haven’t had a single problem with bikes for over 5 months and now three punctures in less than a week! All happened to the same wheel and the last two ones without obvious reason. Faulty inner tube? We hope so, we changed it for a new one and see how it goes in a couple of days…
Now we are on the car, still a day and a half driving ahead; yellow landscape of California’s desert passing behind the widow; temperatures around 20’s C (60’s F), so difficult to imagine that Christmas are in a month time; we are stuck here in summer, for the last 5 months; summer is good, is definitely good for cycling, but it is also good when it ends…
Raul’s the driver, so I can do some catching up on our blog. We’ve done over 2000 m in the last two weeks in order  to visit the greatest, the lowest, the hottest and the craziest places in western US – Yosemite NP, Death Valley, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. It’s been very intense trip – from mountains to desert, from over 2000 m a.s.l. to nearly 100 m u.s.l. (I had my ears all the time blockedJ), from the greatest trees to places where there was no living being, from soundless desert to probably the noisiest city in US. It was intense, it was crazy, but it was worth it. I think we did the best of our time; we spent 2 full days in each park and enjoy it as much as we could; however, there are places we’d like to visit again…
Surely many will ask why by car, if we are on bike tour? Ok. So I’ll explain; we want to continue cycling along Pacific Coast and cross the Mexican border in California Baja (Baja is apparently safer and beautiful and less touristy), but we also wanted to see those Parks, who knows if we ever be back in this part of the world…  it’s November and we were already out of season, struggling with sub-zero temperatures at night, short days and cool evenings; if we cycled, places like Yosemite or Grand Canyon would be deeply buried under snow, our gears are not ready for this, and we would have to cycle back to the Pacific –it would take us 2-3 months, we are not welcome for so long in US. So, excused? ;)
And the Parks itself – stunning, breathtaking, extraordinary! Much to say, hope we will fing some time soon to share  our experienceJ

Friday, November 4, 2011


a small town north of San Francisco where weird things happen....time elapsed, space froze and not knowing when and how we are still here in the same spot nearly 3 weeks after we first arrived here. But things are back to normal, the Sun travels its usual route on the sky, people are walking, card are riding, Halloween decoration are being replaced by Christmas ones, Planet seems to keep spinning, and we are moving on...however we'll be back again to Ukiah! We are going on a side-trip to see the great parks: Yosemite, Death Valley and Grand Canyon, by car... I know, some people felt a bit disappointed that us-cyclist go by car... but we never felt that we have to cycle everywhere on this trip, this journey is more about travelling rather than cycling and in the circumstances we have (late in the season -snow in Yosemite and we want to keep cycling along the coast) car is more convenient for us to make a loop trip of over 2000 miles...but we'll be back and pick our bikes from exactly where we left them and start cycling from where we stopped!
another weird thing about Ukiah was two totally unexpected meetings within one day!
First an e-mail from Alex, a great person and cyclist who hosted us in Nelson, BC and who coincidentally, at that time in Nelson, was about to start pretty much the same cycling trip as we are on ; and so we were in touch and trying to catch up somewhere on the way, and  there is she! Stuck in Ukiah as well for the last 2 weeks :)
with Alex and her friend Jen

And then totally unexpected visit from 'the old world', a friend from Edinburgh, who happened to be in SF. Daniel was the first person from ''far-away' who visited us here; it was super short visit, but it was so great to meet him! However, he left us a bit melancholic, missing you all there even more...

with Daniel