...people, who make the Planet a better place to live
We just wanted to thank you all for your smile, good energy, help and...  
for the gifts

Thank you! Dziękujemy! 
Sis, Floren, kochani Rodzice, 
Raquelilla, Kasia, 
Kasia i Jarek, Rod, Kamila, 
Gina and 'The Chili Guy', Lindsey

Guys - Rodzice, Sis, Kasia and Jarek
Wielkie dzięki! Muchas Gracias!

for the donations
Lindsey, We had our first american pizza in Tok, Alaska and it was not only enormous (18"!!), but also delicious!

Barbara, We are safe! You equipped us in our 'bear spray-guns'!

Rafa, muchas gracias Rafita, no hubo mejor regalo que la bolsa dromedario, pronto en el desierto me acordare de ti cada dia!

Kochani Rodzice, Dziekujemy za zaproszenia na kolacje; dzięki Wam od czasu do czasu jemy nie z menażki i całym kompletem sztuśców :)

Emma, We are ready for deserts and tropics! We got bottles holders that allow us to carry huge bottles of water

Ciociu Kaziu, wielkie dzięki! Będzie nam z górki w Ameryce Środkowej! A może nawet zachaczymy o jakiś kurs nurkowania w Morzu Karaibskim...

Ciociu Jolu i wujku Sławku, dziękujemy podwójnie! Właśnie wyposażyliśmy nasze rowery w nowe opony, łańcuchy i zębatki. Możliwe, że ten zestaw dojedzie z nami aż do samego końca. A na drogi żwirowe w Chile i Argentynie dokupimy sobie specjalne opony.

A mi mama gracias a tu generosidad como siempre pude disfrutar con Floren y con Marta de Granada sin que de nada nos faltara. Eres increible!

Madga, Łukasz and little Maja, thank you, gracias and dziękujemy! We just had our first taste of Andes in El Cocuy National Park and there are more amazing Parks we are looking forward to; we'll surely think of you visiting them!

for your generosity
Helena, she made our transition from cozy Europe to rough Alaska smooth and easy

Silverfox Roadhouse, not everybody, who runs business wants to make money of you and those guys host us for for chat, stories and thank you!

Irene's Place at Mendenhall Subdivision - and again we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere and those people put us up

Constantine, he stock us up in dry fruit snacks for the next few days

Susan and Barry, they made us feel home in their place in half an hour

at Northern Rockies Lodge, we went for a walk and when we came back we found an apple on each saddle...there had been an Angel passing by

at Fort Nelson there was this guy, who anytime he went shopping he brought some treats for us, a pity his name slipped out of our minds

Sara, Tony and Levi,  a magic evening by the bonfire waiting for the Northern Lights, the best pancakes of Canada, great conversations and lots of positive energy

at Berland River Campground  a small boy came from behind an RV with big smile an a bowl full of fresh strawberries

Jailin, the couch she had to offer was her all apartment; our Planet would be a better place to live if everybody had so much thrust in people  

At icy Colombia Icefields Campground,  by the warmth of the bonfire this family shared their freshly made bannock bread and home - made jam with us and other cyclists

Tony, no place to stay and this guy not only let us pinch our tent in his garden, but also shared everything what was growing on his trees

at Mule Deer Campground a mum with little daughter came to us to share some stuff - the mum gave us a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables, the daughter - two stones, I believe they were specially picked for us

Lily, this little 3 years old girl allowed us to stay in her room for 10 days, giving the best of the lessons of what sharing is about

Brian, headwind, heavy rain, and there was this car on the side of the road and a guy waiting with a map already draw, "Today it's not a day to cycle you better come to my place" 

Honora she and her family made our first Thanksgiving so special

Joe, long day, lost trying to find our way, big hills, no idea where to stay and our paths crossed with Joe who invited us to stay at his, and again unforgettable evening

Bike Church, a community bike shop, where we were working on our bikes before Mexico and there was this mechanic who spent the whole evening helping us out

Rob waiting on a traffic light, a cyclist(Rob) stops behind us, we start to chat; by the time the light turns green, we are invited to his place

Stan, peaceful evening with Stan who opened his place to host us in Santa Barbara, terrific town that Stan shown us around the morning after

Shana, we were crossing the street in Ventura when she asked "Hey! Do you have a place to stay for tonight? no? Come to my place!" We had so much fun with Shana and her daugther and son: Astrid and Sebastian 

Karolina and Bartek, Raul didn't even want to cross LA and in the end we stayed 11 days! Lots of fun, sharing titles and watching movies, endless YouTube videos, great conversation, so much help with so many stuff and last but definitely not the least Christmas! 

Ignacio and Manuel, the little town of Magdalena has now a special meaning to us thanks to this two bike-lovers we met there

Paula, Fatima, Gibran, Ruben, David, Cesar, their positive energy charged up our batteries so we can now climb any Mexican hill

Dr Leonardo and his wife Graciela, it was one of those towns where, unusually, there was no place to stay; sitting on the square and thinking of Plan B, we met Leonardo who, not only,  invited us to stay in his place, but also offered amazing home-made food and in the morning took us to see pelican colony waking up with the sunrise 

Senora Tamalera, sometimes the names fade away, but the deeds stay in our minds and hearts; we came to this family to rent a room for a night and in the morning we were leaving good friends behind

The medicine woman whom we met in Cuernavaca. A random meeting on the street ended in her place where she introduced us to native herbal medicine and  gave us many magic liquides plus two bags of food

Silvia, our Mexican friend who took care of us so much with her hospitality, good energy and amazing chats

House of Augustinians in Confradia, we often knock door of a church and we are rearly refused, but these guys just were exeptonal - they made us feel like home and their maid spoiled us with delicious deserts and in the morning prepared tipical hondurenan breakfast

Franciscans from Comayagua, and yet another beautiful experience with clergy; no-one before put so much love in hostong us

The boy from Sabana Grande, he saw us camping without much light and he came over to give us his new torch

Don Pedro and his family, this was by far the most generous and hospitable family we've met on this trip; they gave us everything they could having themselves so little

Senora Maria and her family, with the Mum cooking for us, the Dad making sure that we have a safe spot to camp and the children not letting us to get bored even for a scond, that was undoubtly special evening

Fire Brigade from Ciudad Neily, yes, you can stay over with Bomberos in Central America; but those guys gave us not only bed and shower, but let us to do the loundry and wash our bikes with their water-pressure machine

Fire Brigade from Santa Maria, they agreed to guard our bikes for a couple of days, so that we could go and finally and for the first time see giant turtles laying eggs

Madre Victoria and her colleagues from Casa del Ejercicios Nueva Aurora, that was  a big favour to store our bikes for three months, but that's nothing compared to their positive energy, hospitality and first of all the work they do for street children

Gabriela, person full of love and positive energy; she met us on the street and invited to eat in her place every single day we were staying in Bucaramanga; we've never eaten so well and so much outside of our homes, without doubt we call her our Colombian Mum

Oscar and his fellow cyclists, whom we met in a hotel in Gran Via; what a surprise it was for us to wake up an dbe told that our room had been already paid!


  1. This is a really inspiring list of blessings. And I'm sure that you two are angels to many others on the way along.

  2. We are about to have Thanksgiving in Sebastopol a year since we met you two, and we are all thinking of you. Kyle and Ellie STILL talk about you both. You made quite an impact on our family and we hope you are both healthy and happy!

    1. So good to hear from you!I don't know if you realize that that day you made one of our dreams to come true. Thanks a lot! Hugs for the whole family!