Sunday, September 4, 2011

With our mouths wide open

Although, I'm not a fun of labeling everything down We have to admit that is a human tendency choosing what is the best, the most famous. The road that goes from Jasper National Park to Banff National Park trough the Rockies is considered the 3rd most scenic road in the World, Highway 93.
For Marta and me to cycle across the Rockies has been a causality. While we are on the road traveling, We have this healthy idea of asking local and travelers for tips, places ... And the Rockies was one of those places that more and more people were suggesting us to do it the closer We got to Alberta. Before We crossed those Mountains the only images I had of Rockies were the one from some of the Western movies made up here. If those images are breath taking on the TV You can not imagine how much better are when you are there cycling as We were It is indescribable right from the beginning when We crossed the Park gates and this carpet of flowers covering all began, streams of water everywhere, turquoise lakes and overall those mountains, They are one of the most beautiful rock formations I saw in my entirely life. If there is a God, in this place he made one of his best jobs. It is fascinating how the forest, the light, the glaciers dressed up those rocks formations in such an unique way.
I had this feeling few times when I was staring at them that perhaps that is how the Planet used to look like years ago. Maybe there is not just one Eden Garden if not at least one for each climate and definitely the Rockies is one of the Gardens for the North Climate.
For us it has been also the place where We have seen, touched and walked on a Glacier for the firs time in our life, those vast, enormous, ancient ice being has been there for thousands of years taking care of the water equilibrium in the Planet, being around them has made us a bit more conscious of their role keeping an environment where humans can live. It is very interesting how they has passed from just being a massive peace of ice to be more familiar and respectful the way you look at them at least certainly the way I look now at them.
Something very interesting that is happening in this National Park and I believe in many other Parks where the animals are protected against human hunting is that the Wild animals have understood that We are not a threaten any longer so many of those animals are quite comfortable having us, humans around, the image of an Elk or a Deer eating totally in peace, not bothered at all of having this bunch of tourist taking endless pictures of them while they are feeding their selves with fresh grass.
And the last but not the least of the magic moments We had over there was at least very much for me to spend the day of my birthday in one of the glacier and turquoise lakes, something I won't forget ever this lunch by the lake with our feet in the water so much beauty, so much surrounding everything
Those are this kind of moments were I feel deeply thankful of being alive
If you want to see the rest of the picture go to the photo section on the menu and click on Alberta album "what we see" and "what we do"

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