Sunday, January 8, 2012

The House of the Cyclist/La Casa del Ciclista

With the New Year the next chapter of our adventure has started - Mexico; since we crossed the border on the 30th of December a whole new world was opened in front of us. This country seems to be more alife than any other place we had pedal through,( it smells, it is noisy, it talks, it dances, it's dusty, it's colorful) We love it!  The New Year was in Tijuana and now we are climbing toward the desert; in the meantime in Ensenada we found this place.
The House of the Cyclist was a dream of Valdo who was a former priest from Brazil who decided to pedal across the World for the Peace. Unfortunately when he was in Baja California he got a fetal heart attack. One of the Valdo’s dream was to set up a house where touring cyclist could have a place to rest, have shower, cook and stay as long as they need. A place where you can feel at home and not just a guest. After he passed away this place was set up not far away from Valdo’s last ride, in Ensenada. La Casa del Ciclista is a wonderful small house outside of town where everybody is welcome as long as you are a cyclist traveling. We have spent 3 nights over there while we were getting things ready before heading down south to the desert; I’ve been day dreaming about a link of Casas del Ciclista all over the world where cyclist travelers are welcome. It would be a great way to promote a more environmentally friendly way of traveling overall nowadays when the global warming subject is everywhere, wouldn’t be?
With this few lines I would like to share this new idea and maybe in a short future this dream that Valdo had will start to happen in more places.
If you want to know more about Casa del Ciclista, google it!
For all you who are members of look it up in Ensenada Mexico
See ya on the road!

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  1. Always learning with you guys!! I just read the scorpion's story, I am astonished!!