Saturday, April 7, 2012

Party Time!
When we arrived to Taxco we found out that there is a fiesta. How did we find out? Well, at any time of day or night we were being scared by sudden 'BANGS!', so we asked people what's going on? And they told us that there is a party, so they let off fireworks all the time. 
And we were also informed where we can see the best shows.

Castillo de Munecos (Castle of Dolls) is a tall structure with different paper mache figures attached, that are moved by the power of fireworks. It is all so meticulously connected that they just light a wick on the bottom of the tower and the fire travels upwards putting figure by figure in  motion. Some of dolls are filled with sweets or other surprises and when they spin they open and the goodies fall down for children to catch.  

Castillo de Fuego (Castle of Fire) is based on the same principals as the previous one; it was an amazing show lasting 40 minutes, where the fire was just set once at the bottom of the tower and then by travelling up was creating different shapes and figures.
The video shows the final one.

Torritos is a tradition that cannot be explained. It has to be watched.

A! By the way, we shouldn't forget about the principals - The cause of the party was a religious celebration. It all happened on square just in front of a church.

We can hear fireworks everywhere and all the time. And very soon after this party we found an answer why; in a book about Natives of Mexico by Fernando Benitez Raul read that when Spaniards finished they "converting and civilizing" of Natives, they had lots of gunpowder left and didn't know what to do with it. So they showed locals how to make fireworks and the locals were bewildered and astonished as the cult of the fire is very strong in their culture. 
And since then onward they just love it! 

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