Thursday, May 24, 2012

One year on the road
This 18th of May was a year on the road since we left Alaska, we could not celebrated it as We wanted because both of us got a gentle stomach bug which stopped us from having fun We had a everything planed dinner, cake... but  instead we were lying on the sofa alternating non stop visit to the toilet with movies :) It has been today when we felt totally bounced back, ready to face a big dinner, cake and anything we want to spoil ourselves with


  1. Congratulations! That's an amazing achievement! Wish you celebrate 2 years on the road with such positive energy that emanates from your photos and relations!

  2. Happy Road Anniversary Raul and Marta!!! May you have many more smooth miles ahead of you.

  3. Just catching up with this now. Congratulations and a big hug to the two of you. Fantastic journey so far and lot more adventures to come. Hope you enjoyed your celebration.

    1. Oh yes, we enjoyed it a lot - especially after being sick this cake was a teal treat :)
      Thanks a lot!