Sunday, September 2, 2012

It´s been a while since we´ve updated here something. It is mostly because, for the first time during this trip, we have a deadline. One that we are looking forward a lot, though. My sister is coming to visit us in Columbia on 11th September an so we need to get there by then. And since we were very slow in Mexico and slow in Guatemala, we had to speed up through the rest of the countries.
The other reason why things won´t be updated soon is that our computer refused working in a very crucial moment (when I was copying the only copy of some pictures from it to a external hard drive) and now some of the writtings we´ve done for blog as well as all the pictures from Nicaragua, Costa Rica and most from Panama are trapped in the broken hard disc. However, there is hope - the guy who checked our computer promised that all the pictures can be saved, but it´ll take like a week. so we just need a week off somewhere and a good IT.

And now the most important - we are in Portobelo, a small port in Panama. From here we take a boat to go to Cartgena, Columbia. That means that the North America is finished!!! 16770 km 470 days and one continent completed!

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