Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Quito

After a week cycling in Ecuador we are in Casa del Cyclista in Quito. Over this week we’ve already managed to fall in love with Equador. Just after crossing the border we took a dirt road through Paramo El Angel, truly magical landscape of high mountains in tropics – rolling peaks covered with fraylejones all the way until the horizon. There, we also beat our record of the highest altitude we reached on bikes – 3750 m asl, that, I’m sure, it is going to be beaten very soon J

From there we dropped down to Otavalo, very interesting indigenous town, where one of the biggest and oldest market in Andes is held every Saturday. We obviously couldn’t miss such event, where one can buy everything from livestock to finest crafts. We got ourselves only warm llama socks for the cold Andean evenings.

We left Otavalo on Easter Sunday just to cross the equator line on this exact day to be able to the ‘magic trick’ with balancing an egg  (in this case it was the Polish Easter egg) on a nail, that can be done with ease only on equator ;) And the day after we were already in Quito.

We stopped in very friendly Casa del Cyclista run by Santiago and his family where we’ll stay for a week or so; we need to do some bike maintenance as well as catch up a bit with the blog, so keep checking :)

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