Saturday, September 28, 2013

After, as beautiful as challenging, ride through Bolivian altiplano, we are taking a short break from cycling to visit some sites in Peru that were totally off our cycling route. We are now in Arequipa enjoying pleasant warmth of 2000 masl and planning hike to the deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon.

Since we left our bikes behind, we had to face the disadvantages of backpacking, one of which is arriving at your destination at early morning hours. Our bus, surprisingly and to our disappointment, arrived on time, which meant 4 in the morning. Not having much option, we found a corner where we curled around our bags and tried to get some more sleep. But a guy who was sleeping next to us, decided to get up. And it wouldn’t bothered us if not for the fact that, before he even put his trousers on (the terminal even at 4 am was full of people), he pulled his portable radio out and standing there, just in his underwear in the middle of bus terminal at four in the morning, started to tune the radio to his – and every single Peruvian – favourite music – Cumbia Peruana.  This music is like some national epidemic; as bad as it is, it can be heard everywhere and we haven’t med one Peruvian who wouldn’t like it. Raul thought that there can’t be worst music than receton, Marta that the cheesiest music ever made was disco-polo. But we were both wrong…

Check yourself.Specialy for you: Sonia Morales! La Internacional!


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    Elise et Manu,

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