Thursday, June 30, 2011

The best of this week ...

Hi folks,

We are already in BC with not many Km ahead to finish the Alaska Highway more than 40 days on the road, tough work but everything is worth it when you can see and enjoy places like that. It is called the Liard Hot Springs. When you arrive in a place like that to put into word what you see and what you feel is difficult for someone that is not a good writer, the closest we can do it is with those images.The water drips from a white rock reaching temperatures higher than 50C and getting cooler on its way down when it meets a small cold stream. You need just to swim up or down until you gain what is the right temperature for you in this paradise.

When the evening arrived the rain and the cold wind came. That was the greatest of the moments, hardly anyone around us, thunders, pouring down, all this steam coming from the pool creating fog that was covering the pool and the forest around making the place like any of those describes on the Lord of the Rings.

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  1. Que bueno Raul, ya .veo que sabeis como ir recuperando del los esfuerzos, pero tener cuidado nos os vaya a gustar demasiado y no querais continuar. ejejje
    Un abrazo y muuuuucho animo.