Saturday, July 9, 2011

hi everyone,
so the Alaska Highway is nearly finished; we are just 70km away from taking this historical picture at the other end of famous Alcan; if it stops raining (it's been pouring down the whole day today) we will get there by tomorrow evening.
I must say we feel a bit sentimental about this fact, we got used to Alcan, we got to like it, there is something special about this road - the history, the wilderness, its uniqueness, we will miss it...
And the wilderness is gone as well; there are flushable toilets on the rest areas, our mobiles have started to work, the Internet is fast...
People travel the Alaska Highway to go to the wild, to reach the "last frontier", to feel the shiver running down their spine, when their realize the immensity of the nature;
so, when you meet someone on the road one of the first questions is: how much wildlife have you seen? well, we have some trophies to show off :)

Black Bear, seen 14; most of the one we have seen just lazily chew on dandelions

Moose, aparently in plantiful up north; well, we've seen only 4

funny squirrel-like animal that was compulsively eating dandelion seeds

These are little monster; a real threat to our food!

Bald Eagle

Clumsy reindeer (here called caribou); no worries, by Christmas it'll be ready to deliver all your presents:)

Stone sheep, yes sheep even thouth it looks like a goat...

Mosquitos, seen and being bitten by countless number of this little beasts

Raven, plenty of them; important bird for the First Nation people

Bison (here called buffalo)

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