Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the early evening of a rainy and cold day of July the 10th we reached Dawson Creek - the historic 'Mile 0' of the Alcan! We have done over 2500km on this one of a kind road that winds through the forests, mountains and along the rivers and valleys of Alaska, Yukon and BC.
It's been very intense experience for us, especially that it was our first 2500km on the road; we know that we haven't been very good at sharing it on the blog (we can blame the wilderness and no access to anything:)), but we promise to make up for it!

So, that's us at the beginning of Alaska Highway (which for us was the end)

On the historic day of July the 10th we were invited for a dinner to celebrate this special moment. So we found the best restaurant in town, called White Spot, that apparently has been running since 1928, and enjoy ourselves as much as we could :)
Marta had Salmon rice bowl, which was grilled salmon with Shitake mashroom, red pepper and ginger sauce; raul ate his best-ever-tried veggie burger (wholemeal roll, roasted mushroom, fresh tomato and lettuce and this huge tofu burger) with home-made chips and we shared a huge plate of salad. Marta toasted with a local lager and raul traditionally with a cup of green tea:)Mmmmm, what a change after eating rice and cheese all the time....

Big thanks to Mrta's parents, who invited us for this dinner

Dziękujemy Mamusiu, dziękujemy Tatusiu!
Gracias Teresa, gracias Miroslaw!


  1. Felicidades Raul!!!!. Espero que lo pases bien en este dia tan especial, aunque estes lejos de tu familia. Yo lo celebrare en algun sitio de la herradura con Carol, Ariel y Pablo que esta ya con nosotros. Un beso y que sigais disfrutando del viaje!!! Seguir colgando fotos que estan muy bien y vemos como estais tambien.

  2. Parece mentira, 2500 Km, que rapido se escribe y como tienen que costar.
    Estais llevando a cabo un reto impresionante.
    Fernando, Pepeillo y yo solemos hablar mucho de Marta y de ti. Os mandamos mucho ánimo y todo nuestro cariño.
    Seguir dandole caña, campeones!!!

  3. Raúl y Martaa im soooo happy looking these pictures, i can see ur happy faces after a long way cycling. I am quite sure both of you are enjoying this trip as much as u want.Im so happy for you gus!! Go for it and cheer up!!